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TRE22 (English version)

The Tre22 project was created in the year 2002, when Łukasz Banasiak found his old songs and asked Jacek Szymkiewicz to play them together. After a couple of rehearsals at The Choszczno Barbican, the project moved to Szczecin and, shortly after, Mateusz Rychlicki joined. The repertoire was prepared during a couple of rehearsals at The Kristen's rehearsal room and recorded to a 4-track cassette recorder. The trio met again in February 2011 in Wrocław, where the same tunes (plus Where is nothing?, PIN i PUK) were recorded by Michał Kupicz. Mixing was done by Todd Carter, and the mastering by Marcin Bors. The album was released by Pitfall Records in 2012.
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